2 – Abstract Watercolors, Master Artist – Yayoi Kusama

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Second graders were inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s first solo show in the United States, where she displayed abstract watercolors with a limited color palette. To mimic the effect, we used three kinds of watercolor: sprayed liquid watercolor for the base color, dark blue that we painted along the outside and blew towards the middle with straws, and tempera paint applied with a brush. We used three elements of art (color, line, and shape) and came up with descriptors. Students then chose and element and a descriptor and we all painted that. We then rotated our paper and repeated the process. This thoughtful approach to abstract art reinforced that abstract isn’t necessarily random, but can also be thoughtful and planned.

These lovely artworks are on display in the Pugh Gallery (lobby of the Jones Theatre) in the Fine Arts building until our Reception, Wednesday, April 4, 12:30-4:30pm in conjunction with Parent Conferences. Please take advantage of this time to see and share your child’s artwork during campus hours between now and then.

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