Facebook has had tagging of your friends in photos for sometime now, but Instagram just launched the feature two weeks ago. The “Photos of You” section is a hidden profile of all the photos you’re tagged in from your followers. However, the hidden part disappeared yesterday which leaves anyone without a private account vulnerable to anyone on the service being able to browse photos the person appears in.


What does this mean for your children? If their Instagram profile page is private there are no worries (other than the fact that they are posting photos of themselves to the internet where private never really means private). ¬†However, if they have a public Instagram profile page then anyone can see photos taken of them by others who have tagged them in their photos. In short, other people can now control what gets posted to your child’s Instagram profile page via this tag feature.


There is a setting your child can adjust so that photos they are tagged in do not appear in the “Photos of You” section until your child approves them. So there is no need to¬†fret because kids always make good decisions about sharing on the Internet, right?

Introducing Instagram’s Photos Of You

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