Wrap-Around Idea Paint Board in Ravenscroft’s Library & Technology Center

The very idea of a non-technical solution for a team of educational and information technologists may seem out of place in a building called the Library and Technology Center, however, that is exactly the solution my team and I opted for when thinking about how best to plan, brainstorm, solve problems and collaborate.

Using IdeaPaint and classic chair rail moulding we, and by we I mean the awesome maintenance team here at Ravenscroft, built a traditional whiteboard using non-traditional materials to create a wrap-around effect to maximize our space.

At present we have four categories for the space:

  • Question of the Week
    • A general question posed to the team to get them thinking
  • High Five Friday
    • Kudos to/from team members
  • Planning/Projects
    • A large space of upcoming project planning
  • Ideas/Brainstorming
    • An idea board for the future


While it’s a low-tech solution to an important need, the board will provide us with a space to plan Ravenscroft’s technological future.

Whenever you are in Ravenscroft’s Library & Technology Center stop on by, check it out, and leave an answer to our “Question of the Week.”


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