This blog post was written by Brett Haensel ’17

Over the past few months the Ravenscroft Middle School has been preparing for the 2012 Presidential and Gubernatorial Elections. Each week, history and social studies classes watched a Discovery Education video series on the 2012 Election, allowing viewers the opportunity to see an unbiased glimpse of the events leading up to the election. This eleven week series, showing exclusive presidential coverage, was “designed to keep students up-to-date on the latest developments of the election” (Discovery Education). The series, coupled with current event assignments, allowed for all students, on either side of the aisle, to become informed on the various issues prior to casting their vote.

Although Middle School students are not old enough to vote in a real election, this election provided students with a real-life application where they could experience the rights and responsibilities of voting. On Thursday, November 1, 265 students were given the opportunity to vote in a school-wide election using the Pearson Foundation’s My Voice, My Election site, and their school issued Chromebooks. At the end of their voting session, each student left the “polls” with a sticker, serving as a symbol of their participation in the mock election.

Additionally, the Middle School’s Board of Election Club and Bulletin Board Club helped promote this event by creating and posting informative flyers, as well as creating a special Election 2012 Bulletin Board.

The results for the presidential mock election at Ravenscroft:

  • Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan (R): 162 or 61.1% of the vote
  • Barack Obama / Joe Biden (D): 88 or 33.2% of the vote
  • Gary Johnson / James P. Gray (L): 15 or  1% of the vote

The results for the gubernatorial mock election at Ravenscroft:

  • Pat McCrory (R): 172 or 65.1%
  • Walter Dalton (D): 68 or 26%
  • Barbara Howe (L): 24 or 1%

From the data, Ravenscroft students leaned slightly more Republican than North Carolina voters and heavily more Republican compared to other students in the Pearson National Mock Election

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