As a member of the School’s Leadership Team, I find myself in many meetings. They are all important; however, it is especially gratifying when this well-spent time involves one of two things: strategic planning and evidence of the impact of such planning on student growth.

The Ravenscroft Leadership Team meets each Wednesday to discuss strategic topics and to manage the practical side of running a large institution. We often invite other members of our community to meet with us, sharing what is happening in their corner of our collective world. Our guests have included members of the Parents’ Association; Bill Pruden, Director of Civic Engagement, and David Kates, Director of International Programs; partners from the Center for Creative Leadership; and Upper School students.

This past week, we were pleased to have Middle School Student Government Co-Chairs, RuthAnne Winston ‘18 and Weldon DeMent ‘18, share their perspective on joys and challenges of being leaders, as well as the good things happening in Middle School.

You can imagine how these eighth graders must have felt as they began planning a presentation for members of the Leadership Team – a bit nervous and a bit excited, I am sure!

I have to say their presentation made this meeting one of the more gratifying ones I have attended, as it connected to the School’s strategic work and demonstrated the impact of this work on students. RuthAnne and Weldon were able to articulately share the good things they are doing while connecting them to the work in which we are engaged to develop Citizen Leaders.

These young leaders certainly exemplified “Walking Our Talk” when they shared highlights of their work as well as the challenges of leadership; how they lead with others, as they work with the larger student body to build an inclusive community; and how they change the world in which we live, both locally and globally, by raising awareness of topics as hunger.

The future belongs to our children. If these young people are an indication of the impact Citizen Leaders can have, it is a very bright future, indeed!

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