As part of  Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ravenscroft held a schoolwide pink-out day on Monday, October 26 to raise awareness of the disease. With the assistance of middle school parents Lisa Sykes and Michele Nelson, the Middle School Student Leadership Council and Mr. Brown’s sixth grade advisory organized a bake sale to raise money that will be donated to Teens for the Cure, an organization that supports the work of the  Susan G. Komen Foundation. 

Prior to the pink-out day and bake sale, student leaders were compelled to learn more about breast cancer and the work that Teens for the Cure organizes and participates in. As a result, Oscar Lefebvre ‘20 and Skylar Wiseman ‘20 created questions and interviewed Mrs. Lisa Sykes, Lily Sykes ‘18, and Nora Sykes ‘22 to hear how their family became involved with Teens for the Cure and to hear about the events and fundraisers that the group has participated in.

The interview was later edited by students in the Digital Ravens course and shown to advisories during community time. Sage Crosby ’21 commented on the importance of learning about a cause or fundraiser the community participates in where she stated, “If students know why we are supporting a cause it may urge them to want to contribute and help other students or their families. This allows students to have a better connection with who they are helping and supporting, and more importantly why they are helping them .”

The Ravens Athletic Club also supported Breast Cancer Awareness month throughout the month of October by selling Ravenscroft Pink T-Shirts, and hosting a pink-out football game on Friday, October 23.

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