Each year, Middle School students at Ravenscroft participate in the National Geographic Bee. The process for participating in the National Geographic Bee began in November when students in the division participated in the classroom rounds, where they answered questions related to world geography. From there, students who earned a perfect score engaged in a tiebreaker by grade level, resulting in three finalist per grade. These students participated in the middle school round of the National Geographic Bee on Thursday, January 7 in the Christina B. JonesIMG_0127 Theatre.

Eleanor Campbell ’20, last year’s winner, won the Bee and will continue on to take a written test along with other North Carolina students. If she places in the top 100 scores, she will compete in the State National Geographic Bee on April 1.  The national championship of the National Geographic Bee will be on May 22-25 in Washington, D.C.

Owen McGinnis ’22 was the runner-up, and Elle Schantz ’20 earned third place. Additional participants in the Middle School National Geographic Bee include Charlie Fink ’20, Reese Evans ’21, David Gray ’21, Sage Crosby ’21, Michael Rutigliano ’22, and Ethan Erickson ’22.



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