Dear Seventh Grade Families,

img_0040-1Seventh grade students have done a great job so far this semester! I am proud of their effort and positive attitude.  They have had time to reflect after conferences on their goals and made adjustments where necessary. The Thanksgiving holiday next week will give all of us time to reenergise so we can continue to focus on academics during the last few weeks of 2016.  


The main focus of Leading with Others this month is “communicative” – shares own ideas and thoughts with others in a simple and clear way. Listens to others.  Responds to constructive criticism in a growth-minded way.  Advisors will facilitate one of two activities.  Draw What I Say has one person to be the “Speaker” and one person to be the “Listener.” Their task is to draw a picture just by listening.  Another activity “Paired listen/not listen” allows the students to practice good listening skills, Attending, S.O.L.E.R., with a partner.  The goal is for students to realize “Communicating effectively is a key skill for leaders and being able to actively listen is a big part of communicating effectively.”  We will end the month of November facilitating discussions that are   gender specific.  This will allow an opportunity for the students to work with other students outside of their normal advisory.  

As we are beginning our full list of December activities, we wanted you to know about an advisory activity scheduled for Wednesday 12/21.  Each advisory will be participating in a “sock exchange.”  Students will select a name from their advisory list from a hat/bowl.  This name will be a secret!  Each student will purchase a pair of socks for an exchange—this pair of socks can be themed in any way—holiday socks, sports socks, neon socks, and fuzzy socks are possible options.  An important requirement for this activity involves minimal cost; each pair must cost less than $5.00.  After all, we want to emphasize friendship and a spirit of fun among the students, not having a pricey present.  Students will bring their wrapped socks to advisory where the exchange will happen.  Students will enjoy this event after their hard work in the first semester.  As advisors, we will enjoy having some time with our advisees to “hang out” together.  

Outsiders Day:screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-9-50-55-am

On Friday, November 18, seventh grade LA students will be celebrating their study of The Outsiders with a special dress-up day.  Students will also watch the film version of The Outsiders during lunch and community time.  Please make sure you bring a bagged lunch.

Food Drive:

The Middle School will be having a Food Drive. Collection boxes are located in each advisor’s room and all collected items will be donated to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. Please refer to the Food Bank’s Most Needed Items list for further details.


  • November 18 Outsiders Day – Movie during Lunch and Community Time – bring bag lunch
  • November 22 – Thanksgiving Chapel
  • December 14 – Holiday Chapel & Service learning.  Please send in a change of clothes.  

Thank you,

Greg Anysz

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