Dear 6th Grade Parents,

Another Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and the trees are finally surrendering their green leaves.  These are signs that middle schoolers have been here for a bit and a level of comfort has been reached by many.  Still, there are students who remain in a “learning curve” as they determine how to balance requirements of many classes or how to study in a productive way.  Some may have these skills in hand, yet they continue to search for that special friend.  In other words, so much in middle school regarding the academic or the social realm varies depending on the child, and these matters change quickly.

img_2850As a team of teachers, we really enjoy watching students grow in their efforts, in their courage to reach a bit beyond what they believe they can do or be.  As I shared recently with a parent, no student–no person–in fact, obtains a “free pass.”  Surely, we all have challenges in many realms which require a growth-mindset.  I can think of no better gift for young people than the permission to have a bit of struggle now and then.  As content becomes more complex and more is required of students, remembering to embrace trials and to use the support system provided is helpful.

Nevertheless, our students seem comfortable for the most part.  Much of this confidence was evident by the various dance moves displayed during our first middle school dance.  What fun it is to see students who may be a bit shy in class “bust a move” on the dance floor.  Kim Ewing, Wes Brown, and our student council did an excellent job providing a safe, fun, space for students to burn a little energy.  Our grade level representatives, too, diligently worked to plan a pre-dance dinner and snack to enhance the evening.  

Truly, there is much good for our 6th graders.  Remembering to pause, be thankful, and to think of others during this season is appropriate.  Helping students to value themselves and each other is a very real part of what we do as a team  each day.  As we enter into a season of thanks and of giving, I am reminded of how we all need each other’s unique contribution in our Ravenscroft community.

To keep you “in the loop,’ please note the following:  

On Wednesday, 12/14, we will have Chapel at 10:15.  Students will need to wear Chapel Day attire and to bring a change of clothes for Service Learning for 6th from 11:10 – 1:30 if needed for outdoor work.

Chapel day attire is as follows:

  • Boys: Collared dress shirt and tie and nice pants (no jeans or shorts),  street shoes (no sneakers, sandals, or running shoes)
  • Girls: Dress or skirt of appropriate length (thumb length or longer) or dress pants, appropriate blouse or top, nice shoes or sandals (Heels are discouraged.)

In addition, we have reminded students about keeping cell phones in their lockers.  Many students do not have a cell phone yet; for those who do have a phone, they do not need it during the school day.  Please contact the front office or email your advisor if you wish to convey a message to your child.

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-9-50-55-amThe Middle School will be having a Food Drive. Collection boxes are located in each advisor’s room and all collected items will be donated to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. Please refer to the Food Bank’s Most Needed Items list for further details.

Lastly, we appreciate your children letting us know of upcoming absences.  We do our best to provide them with the assignments they will miss, and they are expected to communicate with us about these and to submit them in a timely way.  With that said, on behalf of the 6th grade team, we wish you and yours a relaxing, meaningful Thanksgiving.  We appreciate your support and partnership.


Scott, Teresa, and The 6th Grade Team

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