Dear 6th Grade Parents,

March is well under way!  Our sixth grade team wonders where the time is going so quickly.  

Much has been happening in the 6th grade.  Tomorrow, students will enjoy the Pi Day Ravens Math competition, an event where all three grade levels work in teams to arrive at the best answers to different problems, all while enjoying pretty awesome music!  Students should wear comfortable tennis shoes.  This excitement occurs on the heels of our students enjoying another dance where they are feeling a bit older and wiser since the first one of the year.  Again, time is marching on!

In our classes, students are more comfortable with the routine of expectations balanced with learning. Homework, for the most part, is being submitted on time, and students are using study strategies effectively to prepare for assessments.  Because students are taking more responsibility for their progress in their classes and communicating with you about their assessments and study goals at home, you will not see papers for signatures anymore.  In addition, study guides and other resources  are topic-based, designed to assist your student in generating and acting upon strategies to work with the content. When students make connections with the material and personalize their study, they are learning how to learn instead of merely memorizing facts.  The use of tutorial is a great way to reinforce these good study habits.

Our students have worked to share their academic growth on their digital portfolios. Parent access to your child’s Seesaw account was shared with you during the first two conferences of the year. If you need assistance logging in to see your child’s work, please contact Kathleen Christopher.

Moreover, during a time of the year when a bit of “ Spring Fever” can be seen in more ways than one, we are reminding students of the aspects of leading self.  We have been working to challenge the students to utilize the character traits of “kind” and “courteous” to themselves and those around them through awareness of personal space and each other’s disposition at any given time.  This awareness will safeguard against any hurt feelings or misunderstandings that can occur.  

We appreciate your assistance with having students at school on time, especially during CTP testing this week.  Being able to start the day at the same pace as other students and knowing the objectives of the day at the beginning of class promotes learning.  In addition, wearing dress code appropriate clothing assists students in their focus.  For example, according to the handbook, shorts are to avoid being “form-fitting, tight, or revealing.”  Unfortunately, we are seeing a need to revisit this guideline with students who have grown since August!  Thank you for partnering with us to assure that your young ones have the best learning environment possible.

We also want to share information regarding our upcoming field trip to The International Civil Rights Center and Museum scheduled for Friday, April 28. Please see the attached flyer for additional information. Should you have any questions, please contact Mr. Wes Brown.

Calendar Updates:

  • March 10 through March 15: Clothing and new sock drive for Note in the Pocket
  • March 13 through March 16: CTP IV Testing
  • March 14: Middle School Pi Day Celebration (students should wear sneakers; dress down day)
  • March 17: Middle School Fan Day after school
  • March 20: Middle School Battle of the Books District Competition
  • March 24: Teacher Workday
  • March 27: Social Media: A New Approach for Parents (8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in Jones Theatre; RSVP for the event.
  • April 5: Parent/Teacher Conferences (students should attend)
  • April 7: Easter/Passover Chapel
  • April 10 through April 14: Spring Break
  • April 28: 6th Grade Civil Rights Museum Field Trip

We appreciate your support and continue to enjoy working with your students!

Scott, Teresa, and the 6th Grade Team

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