Dear Seventh Grade Parents,

We are almost halfway through the second semester and the students are working hard in and out of the classroom.  The band, string, and choir students had a great performance last week.  They all sounded amazing. Congratulations to the African American History and Culture Quiz Bowl team.  Naven McDonald and Anthony Melvin helped the team win second placed under the leadership of Mr. Hale.  In few weeks interim reports will go out for all students.  Be sure to check Veracross for report cards and your email to sign up for conferences.  In case you missed it, the students had their third session with The Social Institute on Friday March 10h.  Here is a summary of the email sent by Mr. Brown last week.  

“Laura continued her focus on fostering an understanding of best practice when using social media. Specifically, Laura introduced the topic of cyberbacking, a positive twist that stops cyberbullying in its tracks. Students played I Got Your Back, a game all about having each other’s backs online and lifting each other up.”


The main focus of Leading with Others this month is “Empathetic” -willing to listen to others, try to understand their feelings, and help them be supported.  Advisors will facilitate an activity on empathy titled “Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes” where students pair up and introduce themselves by sharing their name and the answers to three questions. Students then trade identities with their partner and proceed to a new partner introducing themselves using their new identity.  The debrief addresses questions about being able to understand what it’s like to be another person and what can you learn from trying to understand what another person is feeling/going through.  Advisors will also debrief The Social Institute lesson from March 10th.  They will build upon the content of I Got Your Back and take away that they have the ability to make positive shifts in school culture through modeling the techniques of cyberbacking.

Interested in The Social Institute’s approach for parents?  Sign up to attend the Social Media: A New Approach for Parents led by Laura Tierney on March 27th . This session is designed for parents of students in grades 5 through 8 and is scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in Jones Theatre. If you are interested, feel free to register for the event.  


Our students have worked to share their academic growth on their digital portfolios. Parent access to your child’s Seesaw account was shared with you during the first two conferences of the year. If you need assistance logging in to see your child’s work, please contact Kathleen Christopher.

Tomorrow, March 14, is our annual Pi Day Competition, an event where all three grade levels work in teams to arrive at the best answers to different math problems, all while enjoying pretty awesome music! Students may dress down but must wear comfortable tennis shoes.

Calendar Updates:

  • March 10 through March 15: Clothing and new sock drive for Note in the Pocket
  • March 13 through March 16: CTP IV Testing
  • March 14: Middle School Pi Day Celebration (students should wear sneakers; dress down day)
  • March 17: Middle School Fan Day after school
  • March 20: Middle School Battle of the Books District Competition
  • March 24: Teacher Workday
  • March 27: Social Media: A New Approach for Parents (8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in Jones Theatre; RSVP for the event.
  • April 5: Parent/Teacher Conferences (students should attend)
  • April 7: Easter/Passover Chapel
  • April 10 through April 14: Spring Break
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