This year the middle school will be offering Math Lab for students during lunch (12:05-12:45) and community time (12:45-1:40).

Math Lab is a resource for students in grades 6 through 8 to get help in math or enrichment.  Specifically, Math Lab is used to reinforce:

  • ideas taught in the classroom
  • give students extra practice with a concept they are unsure about
  • to review material for a test
  • to build math confidence

During middle school, math students reach various abstract concepts, and often times find themselves needing additional practice in order to gain a better understanding of the why behind the what.  As a result, Math Lab provides a safe place for students to ask questions and to practice material from class. Additionally, students who want to dive deeper into material from class may attend math lab to investigate concepts in order to delve further into a specific topic of interest.

Mrs. Erin Altshuler, Middle School Mathematics Department Chair, coordinates Math Lab each week. Students may see Mrs. Altshuler in room 7B to sign-up and to review the weekly Math Lab schedule. Mrs. Altshuler joined the Ravenscroft community in 2015 and holds a B.S. in Education from the University of Delaware.

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