Dear Parents,

I don’t know about you, but I am certainly ready for a bit cooler temperature as it does not seem like fall without a sweater.  Sixth graders are busy establishing study routines and learning to use resources well.  One of these resources, the assignment notebook, has become the standard source for organization and planning for most of our students.  Teachers are no longer signing this tool, as students are taking the ownership of their “To Do” lists.  We encourage a regular homework routine and space to do homework at home, complete with supplies–distraction and device free!

A goal in 6th grade involves teaching students to manage and work with study tools and other resources like rubrics.  As part of their study, we are working with them in identifying kinds of questions and the appropriate answers which connect to these. “How” questions, for example, differ greatly from “Why” questions.  In addition, teaching students to address all parts of a question with detail and support is an important part of their experience as learners. Much practice toward these endeavors occurs this year, and we enjoy watching students succeed in giving more thoughtful, complete answers as they build confidence as learners.

As students manage multiple requirements from various sources, we emphasize a growth-mindset.  The process of learning, rather than the end result of a goal, is our focus. Our advisories have been discussing this idea along with others from our Lead from Here work.  During our recent community day, students were introduced to DAC–Direction, Alignment, and Commitment–through activities which emphasized the benefits of having these three attributes when problem-solving.  We hope that you heard of this term and the fun activities students shared during this day!

This week, we have enjoyed student creativity during the themed days. They definitely have spirit in how they interpret “Wacky Tacky”!  We have other fun plans to build community at the close of the month when students can wear costumes on October 31–nothing scary or covering the face, please.   

As we come to a close of this part of the semester, many students will be entering their first world language class.  Our rotation during world language time served students in acclimating them to use technology to their advantage, implement study strategies, cover Lead from Here concepts, and provide some study hall time to support students in their transition to middle school.  

Our Grade Level Parent Representatives, Jen Miller and Aeri Meyers, would like to communicate the following:

  • While the (7th and 8th grade) cats are away, the (6th grade) mice will play!  On November 6-8, the 7th and 8th graders will be gone on their respective field trips, and our 6th graders will rule the Middle School!  Let’s help them celebrate with a special dessert on Tuesday, November 7, from 12:45-1:00 during community time.  Please consider signing up to bring in a special treat for the event, or to help set up/serve/clean up.  
  • The first Middle School dance is scheduled for November 10th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  So that no one has to walk into their first dance alone, all 6th graders are invited to meet in the 6th grade hallway at 6:45pm.  You can drop your child off and they will be escorted over to the dance as a group.

Thank you for your support, your constructive feedback, and for sharing your young ones with us. As advisors, we look forward to parent conferences on November 3.


Scott Ringenbach, Teresa Taylor, and The 6th Grade Team

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