Dear 6th Grade Parents,

We hope that you and yours are enjoying the anticipation of family time coming next week with all that Thanksgiving brings.  The energy and positive spirit among our students can be felt in the hallway as they change classes and begin to think about a much-deserved break.  They are working diligently, so a time to relax and play is definitely in order!

We have accomplished much in a short time!  Most recently, students enjoyed their first middle school dance where it was clear that this community is a close one.  I could not help but to notice the joy on many faces as our 6th graders courageously showed their spirit and dance moves.  Clearly, the dance unit in P.E. has done much to prepare them for social situations where line dancing or group steps for a certain song is required.  The entire group was in sync during these situations which I am sure inspired confidence and commonality among the group.  

Recently, as well, the sixth grade had our first mix-it-up lunch, a time to connect with others in 7th and 8th grades to build our sense of togetherness in the middle school.  Connecting names with faces and having a chance to pause to connect with a new person helps our students to know their value among others and how important these relationships are.  During our first lunch, we discussed the different levels of our community and expressed our gratitude on leaves to display as a reminder.

Sixth-grade happenings have also included an election for co-president, service learning, and an engaging 6th grade-level game with a dress-down to champion being the only students on campus while our neighbor grades were on field trips.  Many thanks to parents who supported these efforts by sending a bag lunch or snack!

In various classes, this has been a week where units are being concluded.  Students are busy preparing to give their best on the various assessments offered.  We encourage planning, the use of guides and notes, tutorial attendance, and reviewing a little each day!  We want to also emphasize the importance of sleep for students.  In addition, during this time of the year, many students need more paper, more pencils, and earbuds to engage in the various activities given during class.  We have noted that many borrow earbuds which we are discouraging!

In advisory, we are continuing to discuss being self-aware.  Students really enjoyed thinking about with what kind of birds they identify and how these traits contribute to group work and the way that they process information.  Another lesson on “The I message” is always especially relevant toward assisting students in taking ownership of their feelings and communicating these in the most effective way to enhance positive communication and avoid hurt feelings.  

The Middle School is also hosting a Food Drive from November 13 through December 1. Collection boxes are located in each advisor’s room and all collected items will be donated to the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. Please refer to the Food Bank’s Most Needed Items List for further details.

Looking ahead, on Tuesday, November 21, we will be gathering for our Thanksgiving Chapel.  Students should wear Chapel Day attire which means the following:

  • Boys: Collared dress shirt and tie and nice pants (no jeans or shorts),  street shoes (no sneakers, sandals, or running shoes)
  • Girls: Dress or skirt of appropriate length (thumb length or longer) or dress pants, appropriate blouse or top, nice shoes or sandals (Heels are discouraged.)

On December 1, our grade will begin taking donations of mittens, hats, and scarves to decorate our “Giving Tree,” one which promotes furnishing other students with warm accessories through the organization, Note in the Pocket.   Last year, we had a covered tree!  A few students even contributed scarves that they handknit!  The generosity of our grade is always apparent during this season.

On December 20, we will have a community holiday celebration with an early dismissal.  We will share details about this day later. Dismissal will be at 10:30 a.m. 

Thank you for your support and for partnering with us toward providing the best education for your child.  We continue to enjoy what we do!


Scott, Teresa, and the 6th grade team  

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