Dear 6th Grade Families,

The sixth grade team is looking forward to meeting with you and your children on conference day this Thursday, January 25.  A part of our regular conversations involve encouraging students to have a growth-mindset as they reflect about their progress as learners and as citizens in their community.  Common points of discussion include attention to homework due dates, the use of resources like tutorial, building balance into academics and extracurricular activities, attending to a healthy diet and bedtime, and enhancing relationships with peers.  As we look toward a new, fresh semester, the team feels confident that 6th graders know what the expectations are; thus, students are ready to explore beyond the “right there” information found in their studies.  They are ready, as well, to expand upon their social interactions as continue to build upon their sense of community and confidence.  

Moreover, because they are learning how to be responsible and accountable, they no longer need to have assessments signed.  We continue to reference the importance of the assignment notebook, the use of Veracross as a “back-up” plan, and solid communication with advisors and teachers.  Students should be checking their email regularly and charging their Chromebooks nightly. With recent snow days, we are proud of our students for reviewing due dates and being adaptive as teachers have adjusted lesson plans.

Angela Finn and Rhonda Zayas-Palmer in partnership with teachers have been working on research skills throughout the year in various content areas.  Their feedback shows much of what we see in the classroom:  We are encouraging students to read for understanding and not just to answer a question on a guide, we are promoting the idea of completing each step thoroughly in a step-by-step process like research, and we are working on note taking–specifically, what details support main ideas.  Our goal this year is to give students ample opportunities to practice these skill-sets.

Recently, students were excited to serve the community by crafting blankets in advisory during our MLK Day of Service to donate to Project Linus.  How great it was for us and our 7th grade peers to collaborate in our desire to promote a bit of warmth on a cold day for someone who needs it!   This service followed advisory lessons involving civil rights and issues which will continue to be opportunities for our future leaders, our students, to address.  We discussed these issues through the use of children’s books.  Our essential questions were as follows:

  • How does Martin Luther King, Jr.’s work connect to civil rights?
  • How have people throughout American history fought  for civil rights?
  • Why it is important to stand up for civil rights in the face of injustice?
  • How does looking through the lens of LFH help as we explore civil rights and injustices?

We hope that you heard a bit about these discussions and activities at the dinner table!  When you are here for conferences, please see our advisory “We Have a Dream” bulletin boards.  

Important dates include a green and gold dress down day on Friday, January 26 where we will show our spirit during a pep rally. Moreover, Friday, February 2 will be our second middle school dance from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. There will be more information coming.

Thank you for your continued support, and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We continue to enjoy what we do as we partner with you and your young ones!

Scott Ringenbach and Teresa Taylor

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