Dear 7th Grade Families,

Wow, the start of 2018 has been interesting and fun to have more family time. I feel we are not done with the snow yet.  The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting more snow the first week of February  The first semester of 7th grade is now in the past.  I feel that it was a great semester and the students worked really hard to meet the expectations.  Report cards were posted to Veracross on Saturday, January 20 and I encourage you to sign up for parent conferences that are scheduled for Thursday, January 25.  The second semester will push the students to dig deeper. It requires the students to show us that they can apply the skills and strategies that they learned in previous units during the first semester.


The main focus of Leading with Others this month is “culturally inclusive” sees the value in different cultures and different ways of living.  The first two advisories laid the groundwork for the Martin Luther King Jr. day of service.  Advisors started by providing background on civil rights.  Next, each advisory read a children’s book that shares how people throughout history fought for rights.   On the MLK day of service, students did a gallery walk to see the topics of the other seventh grade advisories. The rest of the service day students made fleece blankets for Project Linus.

The last lesson of the month advisors will facilitate an activity on stereotyping.  This activity has the students match a list of people with a list of items. An example would be a grandfather or a businessman and the list of items would include a walking stick, a stack of books, a make-up bag, or business suit.  The second step provides a series of statements about people and the same list of items.  An example would be Grandfather who is preparing to hike the Appalachian Trail or Businessman who volunteers as a clown at a local hospital and the list of items would be a walking stick, a stack of books, a make-up bag, or a business suit. The purpose is for the students to experience making decisions based on the information they have while realizing that their first choice may be incorrect.

Students will also spend some time in advisory reviewing the goals that they set up earlier in the year.  The halfway point is a great time to review what progress they have made already in order to cross off those that are completed or amend ones that they are still working on accomplishing by the end of seventh grade.

Wes Brown, Sarah Loyola, or Kendra Varnell will be facilitating Social Institute workshops for seventh grade during language arts classes on February 5-8 with follow-up advisory lessons scheduled for February 13.   This session focuses on ways to “Cyberback Others.” If parents have questions they can email Wes Brown or Kendra Varnell. Parents are also encouraged to sign-up for the Social Locker Room, a one of a kind resource to assist parents in helping their children win the game of social media. Refer to the email sent from Jason Ramsden on October 3 for a discount code and instructions to subscribe.  

Parent conferences:  Students are asked to attend conferences. While they do not have to lead the conference, questions may be directed towards them, and their input and accountability will be critical. By experiencing their advisor lead a conference they will have a model to follow when the lead the mid-semester conference.


  • January 20: Report cards available
  • January 25: Parent conferences (students encouraged to attend)
  • February 2: Middle School Dance (7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., Dining Hall)
  • February 5-8: Social Institute “Cyberback Others” lesson facilitated in language arts classes
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