Civics in Action

As we continue to move forward with our strategic vision that earmarks citizenship as one of its center points, it is helpful to reflect on how and what we currently do to embed citizenship in our teaching and learning. It goes without saying that the core values of our...
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Adaptability: A Key Trait Not Defined By Age

One of the challenges – and opportunities – in education, is to strike a balance between being proactive and reactive to current trends or philosophies. This is readily apparent at a college-preparatory school like Ravenscroft whose mission includes preparing students for the world to come in college and beyond....
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A Holistic Education

Education, like many aspects of culture, goes through phases.  Often these trends trickle down from the university world to high schools, then to middle schools. Currently, 21st century skills take center stage, a set of tools and habits that many agree students need to function in their world of...
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Reflections on Leadership

As we enter the fall season, our kids begin to settle in. Our school year is off to a great start, though life always presents challenges. As we head into a strategic vision that focuses on a number of items, including leadership and citizenship, it becomes ever more clear...
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