21 October 2011 

In the five weeks since we announced our Google Chromebook pilot — set to launch second semester with our 7th and 10th graders — we have received many positive comments from within the Ravenscroft community. And, I am pleased to report, some interest from other independent schools around the country as well who want to learn more about our Chromebook pilot program after its launch. As such, we plan to use this space to provide updates throughout the process in an effort to keep the Ravenscroft community, and educators elsewhere, informed of our progress.

In this initial update, we want to share what we have done in the intervening weeks since the announcement to help our community learn about Google Apps for Education and the Chromebooks as well as share some interesting statistics from our Google Apps for Education reports.

Training & Presentations

We recently held two events on campus to help train our faculty and inform our community; both of which were met with good response:

  • Thursday, September 29th | Faculty Receives Google Apps for Education Training
    • Members of the Office of Informational & Instructional Technology partnered with the Library & Media Department to train various groups of faculty across campus.
    • Faculty members were divided by division and/or department to receive an overview of Google Apps for Education and then a specific, group designed project was introduced to help faculty understand the power of collaboration when working in Google Docs.
  • Tuesday, October 11th | Meet the Chromebook Night for Parents of 7th & 10th Students
    • Parents of 7th and 10th grade students, as well as the entire community, were invited to hear a presentation on the Chromebook pilot and learn about Google Apps for Education.
    • 20 Chromebooks were on hand for demonstration purposes with students taking the lead to show their parents how they envisioned using the devices in school.


One of the nice features of Google Apps for Education is the control panel that allows administrators of the system to work with the tools in advanced ways. One of those features is a series of reports that help monitor the use of the system. In the weeks between when we first introduced Google Apps for Education across our campus and the September 29th training day for faculty we have seen increased and rapid adoption of Google Docs.

If you look at the chart below you will see that in just about three weeks time we’re closing in on almost 1500 docs created:

IMAGE 1.1 | Total Docs Created by Type 
First Yellow Line; Google Apps Announcement 
Second Yellow Line; Google Apps for Education Training

However, the more intriguing stat is the incredible rise in collaboration taking place across our campus when using and creating Google Docs…

IMAGE 1.2 | Collaboration Summary Report
First Yellow Line; Google Apps Announcement 
Second Yellow Line; Google Apps for Education Training 


As we prepare to close out of the first month of using Google Docs we are pleased at the progress we have seen and look forward to both continued interest and use of the system.


Jason T. Ramsden
Chief Technology Officer

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