I think what I like most about Google Apps for Education is the variety of ways folks around campus are starting to use Google Docs without much prompting from the technology team — what I like to call transparent osmosis.

From surveys being conducted by our Upper School journalism students to collect feedback for the Nevarmore, to the fantastic way our Upper School English teachers are using the comment feature in Google Docs to provide feedback to their Composition students, to our Upper School Math department recording their daily lessons and uploading them to our internal Google Video site, ala Khan Academy, there is always something new and innovative happening at our school with Google Docs — and we’ve only been up and running for a little over a month!

However, what I want to highlight in this post is something I noticed in our Upper/Middle Library which caught me eye the other day when my son checked out of what we call Check In/Check Out for Middle Schools students in the library. In short, Check In / Check Out takes place daily from 4:00 – 5:30 in our library and is a supervised place for our students to do work, work on computers, and prepare for the next day. In the past, faculty members had a piece of paper that kids would need to write when they came and left the building. But yesterday I noticed this on one of the circulation desk computers:

While a quick and easy form, I highlight it because a teacher took it upon themselves to think how Google Docs might make the daily Check In / Check Out process a little more efficient and provide for better long term tracking of who is coming each after to use the Library.

Kudos Mr. Brown!

And so the Google Apps for Education immersion continues at Ravenscroft. I’m certain there will be more good things to come in the days ahead.


Jason T. Ramsden
Chief Technology Officer


UPDATE | 10 NOV 11 @ 5:15 PM

Shortly after posting this latest update and tweeting it out to my followers we had this response from independent school folks around the country:


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