Over the holiday break we received the 225 unit shipment of Chromebooks from Google which included 5 loaner units.

At the present moment we are working on unboxing the units, completing an inventory, and tagging them for easy identification. We are using the following to complete the inventory:

  • Macbook Pro
  • Google Spreadsheet
  • Barcode Scanner (yes, it dumps those box barcodes right into the Google Spreadsheet)
  • Brother P-Touch 2730 (attaches directly to Macbook for continuous printing and proper label sizing)
(Brother P-Touch 2730 with Example Label)
Once the initial inventory and unboxing are complete we will:
  • Connect the Chromebooks to WiFi
  • Run Software Updates
  • Enroll the Chromebooks as a Managed Device in our Google Apps for Education Domain
  • Return each Chromebook to it’s proper box for distribution
Note: Click here for the handout we created for those assisting us with setup of the Chromebooks
Upon completion of the inventory and setup of the Chromebooks we will transfer the inventory to the Devices Tab found in the Chrome OS section of our Google Apps for Education control panel so that we can maintain good records of which device is assigned to which student.

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