On the evening of Tuesday, January 31, 2012 and Thursday, February 2, 2012, members of the Classes of ’14 and ’17 received their Chromebooks as part of our pilot program through the generosity of Kristin & John Replogle CP ’14, ’19, ’21.

We elected to run two separate distribution nights, by grade level, to ensure a smooth flow to the evening as well as helping to limit the number of individuals we would see each night.

Below, is a series of photos taken during the event highlighting our setup:

Room Setup #1

(Tables were split into alphabetical groups for easy distribution in the welcome room)

Room Setup #2

  (Long view of welcome/distribution room – chairs were provided but not needed as flow was good)

Room Setup #3

 (Long view of distribution room)

Demo Area

  (The demo area for parents to try a Chromebook)

Do It Yourself Setup Area

(The ‘Do It Yourself”  are for students to setup their Chromebooks – technical assistance provided as needed)

Assisted Chromebook Pickup

(Faculty members helping a student get her Chromebook)

Child and Parent Following Setup Directions

(Mom and son following setup directions)

Mom and Daughter Receiving Setup Assistance

 (Mom and daughter following setup directions with assistance)

Student Receiving Technical Assistance with Setup

 (Student receiving technical assistance during setup)

Students showing new Chromebook owners what they've learned

 (Students showing others what they’ve already learned during pre-pilot use)

A happy student and mom showing off chromebook

  (A daughter and mom showing off the Chromebook and instruction packet)



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