Q. Who pays for the Chromebook?
A. The pilot program is being funded through the generosity of a gift from current parents Kristin & John Replogle. Future rollouts of Chromebooks will be dependent upon the approval of a successful funding model through the work of the School’s Administration and Board of Trustees.

Q. What does a Chromebook cost?
A. Ravenscroft is using Google’s $23.00/month per device three-year subscription plan to provide Samsung Series 5 3G devices to students.

Q. A Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook only costs $450.00. The subscription seems to be more. Why?
A. By using Google’s $23.00/month per device three-year subscription plan, the Chromebooks become managed devices through the School’s Google Apps for Education account. In addition, the subscription provides the School with the ability to turn on 3G internet access for students. The additional costs associated with the subscription plan covers both the managed device and 100MB/month of 3G access on Verizon’s network.

Q. What happens to the Chromebook at the end of the three-year subscription?
A. During the three-year subscription the Chromebook is the property of Ravenscroft  but the responsibility of the child and family. At the end of each three-year subscription cycle Chromebooks will become non-managed devices with children who are still students at Ravenscroft being issued a new, school managed device. Since all end of subscription Chromebooks become non-managed devices Ravenscroft may elect to keep the devices for other use or allow families to keep the device for home use.

Q. What happens if a Chromebook is lost or stolen?
A. Ravenscroft will have loaner Chromebooks on hand in the case of loss or theft.

Q. Who pays for a damaged, lost or stolen Chromebook?
A. While the Chromebook is the property of Ravenscroft while under subscription, it is ultimately the responsibility of the child and family to protect the school’s investment. As such, students whose Chromebooks are damaged, lost or stolen will be assessed a fee.

Note: Families will be charged $150.00 or 50% of the full retail price of a Chromebook should a Chromebook become damaged, lost or stolen.

Note: Families will pay the full retail price of the Chromebook should their child be either voluntarily or involuntarily separated from the School and the Chromebook not returned to the School.
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