1st Grade Musical Last Song: Bugs Bill of Rights

Bugs Bill of Rights

We’re marching off to Washington today,
We’ll stand before the Congress,
We will have our say!
We’ll face them proud and tall, united one and all,
And tell them in a most respectful way:
“We know you have important things to do,
But we would like to read our Bill of Rights to you.
Our future is at stake. Please give us bugs a break!
Oh won’t you try to see our point of view?”

We realize our cause may take a fight!
It’s worth it if they pass our Buggy Bill of Rights.
Then bugs across the land can all join hand in hand,
Just going buggy to their hearts’ delight.
We’re hoping that the Congressmen will say,
That they declare a National Buggy Holiday.
How happy we will be when folks from sea to sea
Are goin’ buggy all the way.

(Music WITH Words)

(Music WITHOUT Words)

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