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1st Grade – Bubbleology

Posted in 1st Grade

Biology – the study of life;

geology – the study of the earth;

bubbleology – the study of bubbles.

Bubbles are surrounded and filled with air.  The bubble itself is soap and water. If we use a straw as our bubble-blowing tool, we have much more control over the soap solution. I make my soap solution a gallon at a time.  In a clean one gallon container, put one cup dish soap, 3 tablespoons of glycerine, and fill with cold water.  It works better if you let it age for at least a day or two.

Dip the straw in the bubble solution.  Touch the straw tip to the table (or tray), and blow VERY gently.  Work in the same place so you get  a wet spot.  If they keep popping, squeeze your straw to limit the air flow.  Blow bigger and bigger bubbles.  Once they pop, measure the ring left in the wet spot.  How big a bubble can you blow?

Try blowing a bubble inside a bubble inside a bubble.  How many layers of bubbles can you make?  Make sure your straw is wet on the outside, a dry straw pops the bubble, too.

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