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BugFest, Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013, NC Museum of Natural Science

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Scorpions, you say?  Those arthropods with that biggish stinger hanging off their tail?  We’ll be paying homage to them and the myriad other arthropods – insects, mites, spiders, crayfish and others, on Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013.

“Scorpions are an enigmatic group of animals: though recognized and feared by all, there are many aspects of their biology that remain a mystery. These unique creatures are found everywhere from the world’s highest mountain ranges to caverns 600 meters below sea level. They fluoresce under ultraviolet light, exhibit complex courtship rituals, and may even hold the key to curing some forms of cancer. Nonetheless, there are still dozens of new species discovered each year and basic natural history of these secretive animals is still in many ways unknown to us.”  For complete information, go to

“BugFest, the Museum’s biggest event of the year with 35,000 visitors and the largest, one-day, bug-centric event of its kind in the nation returns this year with more fun, games, crafts, and music — including the band “Mosquito Legs.” The day is packed with programs revealing amazing truths about bugs — such as the ones you didn’t know are sharing your home — and fine dining from the world-renowned Café Insecta, operated by local chefs.

For more details about displays, presentations, Cafe Insecta, and the Evening Insectival, go to

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