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I love learning and being around others when they’re learning.  I take long walks in the woods finding and collecting stuff. Every window sill has something on display.  Nowadays what I mostly collect are photographs.  I make things out of wood, bone, and beads, travel whenever I can and listen to music much of the time. My favorite animals are spiders and cats. Some of my favorite foods are salade Nicoise, chocolate eclairs and tea.

I began my teaching career at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham teaching fourth grade Brownies from all across North Carolina. I founded the LS science lab in 1990 and taught PK-5th grade science classes for 6 years. I moved to Upper School, teaching chemistry and physical science for two years before moving to Duke School, where I worked as a 6th-grade teacher from 2000-2007. I returned to the Ravenscroft  Lower School science lab in 2008.  The summer of 2017 I fulfilled a life-long dream to make friends with a T-rex at the Mississippi science museum in Jackson. Met this gator, too.

I have been teaching science (and sometimes math) since 1989.  Before that, I enjoyed work as a Mass Spectrometrist, an analytical chemist, and especially as a prototype model-maker.  While in college at NCSU, my seven cats and I built our own house on 4 acres of woods near Falls lake.  If you went way back in time, you’d find baby Patrick in Paris for the first year of his life.  Je suis Parisienne!

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