What has 4th grade been up to?

This first quarter , 4th grade students learned TaKaDiMi rhythmic syllables in simple meter and  demonstrated success in reading many different rhythms that involve whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes and rests.  4th grade has also worked towards internalizing macro and micro beats using dalrcroze eurythmics  while singing melodic lines,  playing instruments, and listening to various repertoire.  In addition, 4th grade has also explored and learned all solfege hand signs and are able to identify and  sing corresponding solfege syllables and pitches independently.  Students reviewed their musical knowledge of the lines and spaces on the staff as a class and created their own written and verbal sentences in order to aid them.   Using repertoire, such as “Listen”  and Game Plan rhythm cards, the students have demonstrated an understanding of musical terms, such as ostinato, form, different dynamic markings, and simple time signatures using various repertoire, pitched and un-pitched percussion instruments,  and multi-level body percussion.  During this quarter, the students have worked very hard to learn and prepare their memorized repertoire for Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11)  and Grandparents Day (Nov. 24th).  They cannot wait to share their use of proper vocal technique, musicality, their ability to sing in two part harmony, and their musical expression with you!


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