5th Grade Musical Auditions

When: March 7th, 3:30-5:00
Where: Ms. Hight’s classroom in Richards Hall
I am so excited to formerly announce the 5th grade musical as well as the audition date.  5th grade has been working very hard on “At the Bandstand,” which is a 50’s rock and roll musical written by NC Native Sally Albrecht.  The musical focuses on the iconic rock and roll tunes of the 1950’s, and is based on the famous American TV show, “The American Bandstand.”
Auditions will be held after school on March 7th in my classroom in Richards Hall from 3:30-5:00.
Students will need to prepare the two verses of “Rockin Robin”.
 All students have learned this thoroughly in class.  Music does not need to be memorized; however, memorization will be best.  Each student will be evaluated based on Pitch, Projection/Tone, and Stage Presence.  They will be evaluated as either a 4,3,2,or 1  with 4 being the best.  This same audition rubric will be used for each student to insure a fair audition for all.  There will be three people on the audition committee: myself, Mrs. Amber Hitchcock (strings), and Mrs. Elisabeth McChesney (Fine Arts).  In order to simulate a real performance experience, students will audition in front of their peers.
Students will also be required to read-through of  a scene at the audition. This does not have to be memorized AT ALL. I am hoping that students will read for multiple characters.  The script will not be available until the time of the audition.
See you at the bandstand!!