So(l), what’s been happening this Fa(ll)?

 Sight Reading/Sight Singing

I cannot believe it is almost October?!  Cue the spooky music, songs about falling leaves, and mornings filled with  pumpkin spice lattes!

But really, cue the everyday incorporation of sight-reading/sight singing. Overall, sight reading/singing enhances response to change and engages the brain in a stimulating activity, which can transcend into core subject areas.  Sight reading/singing is also a fundamental element of musical understanding and success that contributes  to the develop of aural skills and music literacy.

Utilizing the Kodaly method of solfege syllables (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do) and hand-signs,  4th and 5th graders are enhancing their music literacy and building their foundation as young musicians. Either at the beginning or end of each class, we do a 5-7 minute sight reading/sight singing activity on either the doc cam or lined white board.  I am proud of the students’ success,  as they are eager to learn and challenge themselves.


Veterans Day and Special Friends:

We are continuing to work on our repertoire for these special events! Items we are focusing on with each are clarity of diction and shaping the phrases of the music.  Please see the earlier blog posting for recordings and lyrics, so that your child may practice at home.

Veterans Day: Nov 11th

Special Friends Day: Nov 22nd

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