What’s New in Music?

The year is off to a great start!  4th and 5th grade students spent the first few weeks of school reviewing their solfege and rhythm syllables, as well as exploring new music concepts and repertoire!


Both 4th and 5th grade started their music for Veteran’s Day and Grandparent’s Day! 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade are singing a beautiful and heartfelt, 2-part piece entitled,”Proud of Our Veterans.”  5th grade is doing a great job singing with more expression and musicality! Way to be mature leaders and model healthy, beautiful  singing for the lower school! Our warm ups now include 3-part harmony, which establishes vocal and aural independence.


4th grade has not only spent the first few weeks reviewing their basic music fundamentals, but they thoroughly explored the timbres of  different barred instruments!  I am so enjoying getting to know the students of 4th grade!


**Special Request**

4th and 5th asked if I would post the song I used for a rhythmic sub-division/movement exercise.  So, here it is!

No Place I’d Rather Be


Mark your calendars!

Veteran’s Day

Nov. 10th


Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Nov. 21st