5th Grade Music

5th graders will complete the following in music this year: internalizing a more comprehensive and complex rhythmic vocabulary using the system of “TaKaDiMi” rhythmic syllables,  gaining a more complex understanding of solfege syllables and hand signs  to assist in their ear-training capabilities, note-reading skills, and performance knowledge, continue the exploration of playing various instruments as well as singing various and more difficult rep independently and with others, they will have a chance for more independent and creative group work, as well as  performing various types repertoire in and outside of class.


I see each 5th grade class independently once for 45 min per rotation.  I also see 5th grade classes, combined, once for 30 min per rotation.  This combined class time is known as “double” and “triple” 5th grade.  When 5th grade meets with me independently, they are in my classroom in Richards Hall.  When 5th grade meets as double (D/E) and triple (A/B/C), we meet in the common rehearsal space in Richards.  Ms. Katie Perkins and Mrs. Cameron Bolin graciously assist when we meet as double and triple.  Please know that when we meet as double and triple 5th, class will be ran like a rehearsal on the choral risers.


I encourage a lively and vibrant classroom to assistant in a sense of exploration and creativity for each student traveling through their musical journey.  My intention is to aid in the development of a well-rounded 21st century student and equip them with the necessary skills to incorporate the liberal  arts/music  into their everyday lives.

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