“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Group (4)

The above picture was one I chose when asked to find one picture that represented the most important aspects of effective leadership.

Why did I choose this picture?

I was first drawn to the picture because of the young children featured; something about their curiosity and closeness made me want to look further.  When examining the picture more closely, I saw a diverse group of children gathered around someone who was barely visible, but who was clearly a key element to bringing them together as a group.  When I studied the children’s body language I saw respect, focus, curiosity, and eagerness.

How does it represent effective leadership?

I see a leader motivating a group of people to work together towards a common goal.  Regardless of the differences that exist in the collective group, the leader is finding a way to make connections between and among group members, bring out the strengths in individual members, and keep everyone focused on the mission and vision.  The leader is working hard behind the scenes and empowering the members of the group to take initiative and find innovative ways to accomplish the group’s goals.  It is clear the leader is well respected and the children are interested in what he/she has to say. Although we can’t see the person leading this group of young children, I am confident he/she is preparing to send them off to something exciting and meaningful.

What picture would you choose?

This was part of an activity that several members of the Ravenscroft faculty engaged in with representatives from the Center for Creative Leadership. The image used for this post was part of the Visual Explorer Collection.

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