When talking to family, friends and members of the community who are not currently part of our Ravenscroft family, I often get asked the question, “What makes Ravenscroft’s so special?”

There are countless reasons why Ravenscroft’s Lower School is a unique place.  I could write an extensive list of engaging experiences that our students and teachers are involved in throughout the year that far extend what you would expect from a typical classroom curriculum.  What is remarkable to me is these experiences happen every day instead of just on special occasions.

To illustrate my point, let’s take a closer look at just one week in Lower School and what happened at each grade level.

Pre-K Strawberry Patch Field Trip

Our Pre-Kindergarten traveled to the strawberry patch for an exciting field trip.  You can see the smiling faces in the picture, but what you can’t see is what went into the classrooms before they left and when they returned.  Mrs. Ray had set up a “strawberry patch” in the classroom and was teaching the students how to pick the strawberries and about what else they would encounter on the field trip.  When they came back from their day at the patch, the students actually got to make strawberry jelly with the fruit they picked on their field trip.

In Kindergarten, the students performed at a Mother’s Day Breakfast.  They sang favorite songs like It’s a Small World and Your Are My Sunshine as their mothers looked on with pride.  After filling their mom’s bellies and hearts, the students shared their portfolio of books they had written during Writer’s Workshop.  Watching this Mother’s Day Smilebox from Mrs. Smith’s class gives you a quick look into this special day.

The First Graders performed The Treasure Chest. The students sang, danced, and made the audience laugh out loud with their delightful performance.  After watching these two video clips of Love Somebody and Hole in the Bucket, you will be awestruck by the talent of our first graders.

Second Graders performed at a Garden Concert where they played their violins for an audience in the Holding Garden.  Parents, teachers, students, and special friends sat on blankets and enjoyed a picnic lunch.  It was a beautiful spring day, but listening to Ms. Hitchcock and her young violinists was what warmed the hearts of the audience.

Moonlight MathThird Graders spent Friday night participating in Moonlight Math.  Students got to choose from 12 different stations that ranged from baking cakes to racing around the Lower School on a treasure hunt.  Learning about how math impacts our everyday life has never been more fun.  Take a look at these video clips of Rockin’ Raven Rockets and Math Olympics.

Fourth Graders spent a day and a half out at Camp Kanata and got to experience the beauty of nature first hand.  Students and teachers played sports, made crafts, listened to great music, and listened to guest speakers from local organizations.  Enjoy this Smile Box for more pictures.

And last , but certainly not least, our Fifth Graders were visited by a historical interpreter, Captain E. L. Brown.   Captain Brown is a descendant of two original Buffalo Soldiers, the famous African American unit.  The students were transported to the past listening to Captain E. L. Brown speak, and it was a fantastic way to bring social studies to life!

Captain Brown

Granted this was not a typical week in Lower School, but if you walk through the Lower School on any given day, I am confident you would see something that you wouldn’t expect to see in most elementary schools.

What do you think makes Ravenscroft’s Lower School special?  I would love to read what you come up with and invite you to share by posting a comment.

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