podMoving boxes, storage pods, and dumpsters… What in the world is going on outside our           Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten building!

Things may not look very appealing right now, but I promise you the brief interruption to our picture perfect landscape will be short lived and well worth it.

We are preparing to make some exciting improvements to our Pre-K/K building:

  • Classrooms are being expanded (yes, walls will be coming down!)
  • New carpeting is being installed
  • Custom cabinets are being built for better storage
  • Walls will be touched up with fresh paint

Thank goodness we have such flexible teachers who are willing to pack up all their materials and move out for the summer while we work hard to improve an already very special space.

The improvements to the physical space will definitely enhance our current Pre-K/Kindergarten programs by providing an environment that better meets the needs of our youngest learners, but I am even more excited about some of the changes that are happening with regard to curriculum, schedules, and special offerings.
Smart table

Because of my interest in technology, I am particularly anxious for the arrival of our SMART table.  Our Director of Technology has been researching developmentally appropriate technology for our youngest, but eager and capable students, and has been able to get our Pre-Kindergarten program one of these  innovative learning centers for the 2011-2012 school year. I can’t wait to see the increased excitement this will bring to the classroom.

Updated buildings and new technology are visible changes that will have an immediate impact and are easy to get excited about, but we all know that quality teachers and curriculum are what is most important to the success of our students.  So how are we improving where it matters?

  • Kindergarten is moving to a Full-Day program.
  • A balanced literacy curriculum is being implemented that includes reading and writing workshop.
  • Teachers are engaging in professional development to prepare for a new phonics program.
  • Our Reading Specialist is working with our teachers to create classroom libraries filled with books that will meet the needs and interests of a diverse group of students.
  • Teachers are participating in a book club and are reading  Our Iceberg is Melting which focuses on succeeding in an ever-changing world.

I think I have a pretty good idea why we needed to add an additional section of Pre-Kindergarten for the upcoming school year!  How many more years until Simone turns 4 so she can begin her journey as a Raven?

Can you tell I’m excited… are you?

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