Hi! My name is Frances Margaret Gehrke and I am 5th grader at Ravenscroft. Before I leave the Lower School and move on up to the Middle School, I wanted to reflect on the things I am proud of at Ravenscroft.

Ravenscroft is a school with high expectations for students, and most of the time, we are pushed a bit harder. We are expected to get decent grades (by this I mean A’s) and do what is right, even when no one is looking. When I make a good grade, I think to myself, “Good job, Frances Margaret! You did good on something that was hard!” I know that my friends in other schools are pushed, too, just not as hard.

I am proud to be a Raven because we are given the gift of high expectations!

The Ravenscroft Character Tree is something that makes our school special, and I am proud of myself when I use one of the traits listed. The Character Tree traits are different than the Honor Code because they aren’t rules; they are words that help guide us in becoming better people.  When I demonstrate one of the Character Tree traits: courage; spirit; compassion; respect; responsibility; honor; or dedication, I feel good about myself and I am determined the rest of the day to show even more traits.

I am proud to be a Raven because we are supported in becoming good students and good people!

I think one trait I show repeatedly is dedication. Unless something is simply too hard for me to accomplish or I can’t understand something, I never give up.I show dedication when I study something really hard. I remember one horrible day when I could not find my science notes. I searched all through my binder until I found them, a bit crumpled, but they were there. I yanked them out of my binder and began studying as fast as I could, memorizing the key terms by heart, and when I took the test the next day, I got an A+!

I am proud to be a Raven because being dedicated is encouraged!

Courage is also one of the traits I use a lot. I stand up for my friends and myself, and I admit it when I have done something wrong. I don’t really use the same kind of courage sailors or explorers do, but I am proud anyways to know that I have done something good.

I am proud to be a Raven because I am surrounded by courageous people!

Every time I meet one of my parents’ friends, I tell them my name, my age, and where I go to school right away. Every time I tell them I go to Ravenscroft, they always say something like, “Oh, Ravenscroft, huh? That’s a great school!” or “You are very lucky”. I always agree with them, saying, “You’re definitely right!” I think anyone who attends Ravenscroft should be proud to have the privilege of going there.

I am proud to be a Raven because we have privileges that others don’t have!

The best things about Ravenscroft, the things I am most proud of, are the teachers. I mean, they are great! You can tell they love their job and the kids they work with, no matter if they are smart or struggling.  I could list all my teachers and what I love most about each one, but that is a story for another post. There are many special memories of Lower School that I will never forget, and I thank all my teachers who made them possible.

I am proud to be a Raven!

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