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Whenever I am starting something new and I am in need of inspiration, I turn to books.  It is often well-written children’s books that provide just the right message or context to allow me to move forward with my project or experience with renewed energy and a clearer perspective.

As we prepare to welcome back our students to campus, I have been thinking about different books I would want to share with the students as they start their new school year. My list of favorite books is pretty long, so choosing just one or two books to read to every Lower School student is quite a task for me.

Some of the books I have read in the past are:

This year, the book I think I have landed on is Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin.  We had the pleasure of hosting the author and illustrator of this book two years ago, and I feel in the love with this book.  When you watch this You Tube video of one of their school visits, you can see why children and adults enjoy reading this book over and over again (this just happens to be the book my daughter wants to read EVERY night!)

I love the catchy song, cool cat main character, and beautiful illustrations, but it is the  positive “tone” and moral of the story that makes this one of my favorite books right now.

Pete the Cat LOVES his white shoes, and as he travels on his adventures, he “steps” into many things (some unpleasant like mud) that turn his white shoes into different colors. Each time something happens to his shoes, he moves on while still singing his happy tune, and he changes his perspective.  When he steps into the mud, his tune changes from ” I love my white shoes…” to ” I love my brown shoes…”

The last page of the book reads:

” The moral of the story is, no matter what you step in, keep walking along and singing your song because It’s All Good!”

Pete the Cat

I thought sharing this book at the beginning of the year would be a fun way to share with kids the message of how powerful a positive attitude can be and how important it is to keep your head up and keep “walking on” when times get tough.  Each one of us (adults included) will run into a difficult situation this year and it will be important for us to find a way to get through it; sometimes, that might mean changing our perspective.

What books do you plan on sharing with your students or children this school year to set the tone for the months ahead?

I just ordered Eric’s  new book Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes and look forward to sharing this book with students after I have a chance to read it myself!

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