When I was a classroom teacher, I used to start every school year off by asking my students and their parents what their hopes and dreams were for the upcoming year.  This helped to guide my academic and non-academic instruction, and gave me some perspective on what a successful year would look like from their point of view.  It also provided all of us a chance to set team and individual goals that we could work on collaboratively throughout the year.

I don’t have a classroom of my own this year, but I feel it is just as important for me to know the hopes and dreams of our students and parents to ensure I am doing my part in helping those dreams come true.

I am delighted to showcase one of our talented fifth-grade writers, Regan Roberts, as she shares her hopes and dreams for her last year in Lower School.

I’ve been going to Ravenscroft since Kindergarten. I passed through first, second, third, and fourth grade in a blur. Suddenly, I find myself as one of the oldest kids in the Lower School. Now that we are finally fifth graders, my classmates and I hope to make our last year in Lower School the best one yet.

In the past four years we have made lots of different friends who have taught us different ways of thinking. We’ve learned new strategies in math and writing. We’ve been taught new sports and met new teachers. We’ve done art, played music, and performed in plays. We have done presentations and book reports, and have read, and read, and read.

This year, I want to do all of those things and start working towards some new goals I’ve had for a few years, such as: improve in math, work harder in Spanish, challenge myself in PE, read higher level books, and show all the traits on the character tree, especially responsibility. As the new leaders of Lower School, I think this will be the hardest trait to work on. We’ll have to manage more homework, and we’ll have to set a good example for the rest of Lower School.

I know I will try as hard as I can to make this year my best and most accomplished year yet.

Regan Roberts ’19

What are your hopes and dreams for the 2011-2012 school year?

What will you do to help them come true?

What can I do to help them true?

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