Why does it often take an unfortunate experience in our lives to make us pause long enough to reflect on important life lessons?

 My stepfather recently passed away to an illness he had been battling for a little over a year, and as my family and I have been healing together, I have spent some time thinking about my own life and what lessons I can learn from this loss.

 There are of course the obvious ones such as live life to its fullest; don’t take anyone or any experience for granted; visit the doctor regularly; and live in the moment. But I also have learned something valuable about leadership and successful teams.

 While this has certainly been a difficult time for me, my mother, and my sisters, it has been made easier knowing that the Ravenscroft Lower School was in good hands during my absence. In times of personal crisis, it is a blessing to be able to focus ones full attention where it is most needed. This was made possible for a number of reasons:

  • I am surrounded by wonderfully talented people
  • There is a sense of shared leadership and involvement
  • I am (somewhat) comfortable with not being in control and have released responsibility to others
  • Others have a sense of ownership and responsibility

 What’s the potential impact of my personal reflection for you?

 Whether you are reading this as a parent or an educator, the questions I leave you with are:

  • Have you released enough responsibility in your classroom or home so all members of the team can function with confidence and independence in your absence?
  • Is there a sense of shared leadership in your classroom or home so all members are involved in the decision making process and have a sense of ownership and responsibility in the team’s success?
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