Second grade student Bennett Gillespie was caught being very responsible  at recess.   One playground rule is to pick up at least one toy, even if they didn’t play with it, at the end of recess.  The other classes left the playground before picking up all the toys, and Bennett was still outside.    Bennett took it upon himself to begin picking up the toys in the sandbox, and he put them away while many other children were still playing.  His comment was, “The Extended Day children shouldn’t have to pick up these toys when they weren’t the ones who used them.”  We are proud of Bennett for being a responsible and respectful citizen!

Fifth grade student Ted Bossong was observed in the Dining Hall positively interacting with a student new to Ravenscroft this year.  This boy was wandering around, a bit confused and lost, looking for a place to sit.  Ted noticed this and immediately encouraged his classmate to join him at an empty seat as his table.  The new student looked very relieved.  Ted’s small act of kindness had a large impact.  We are proud of Ted for showing compassion to this new student.


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