We had a wonderful Tree Talk on Thursday morning with the entire Lower School! We discussed what a community was and who was in our community here at Ravenscroft and in Lower School.  Dr. Harper defined community as a group of individuals who share similar values, and who live and work together towards a common goal.  We also discussed how communities work and what needs to happen for them to be successful.  Dr. Harper talked about taking the Character Tree traits “off the wall” and using them in our daily lives. We shared the Lower School Honor Code with all the students and asked them to make a promise to themselves and to each other to follow this honor code every day. As always, we ended by singing our Character Tree song.  What a lovely way to start the school day!


I would like to extend my thanks to Ms. Childrey’s and Mrs. Aurilio’s classes for the respect they showed me when I read them the book Hey Little Ant.  They were quiet and listening when I read.  They raised their hands to ask questions and share their thoughts.  They thought about my questions and reflected on their own treatment of others.  I look forward to visiting their classrooms again!

Kindergarten student Caitlin Banks showed compassion for her friend Charlotte when she fell and hurt herself on the playground.  Caitlin chose to sit with her on the picnic bench instead of playing with everyone else because she knew Charlotte needed to rest and put her leg up and she didn’t want Charlotte to be left alone.

Fifth grade student Isabella Mendez and first grade student Anna Taylor Haywood have shown their kind, caring, patient spirit as they have taken on a leadership role in helping students in their classes where English is their second language.  Anna even found a Spanish-English dictionary on her personal book shelf and brought it in to class so she could communicate better with her classmate.

Way to go, Ravens!

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