In the words of third grade teacher Mrs. Baccus: I have beeen so impressed with Cooper Horwin and how responsible he is.  I assigned some sections of IXL for homework last week and he inadvertently miscopied the assignment omitting one of the sections that I had assigned.  When I talked to him about it on Friday,  he immediately asked if he could make up the missed work at home over the weekend.  I told him that it was an honest mistake, but that I would like him to make it up at school that afternoon rather than at home.  He quickly got to work on one of the center computers and completed the missed section.  This Monday at dismissal, he came to me and said, “Mrs. Baccus, you had wanted me to make up IXL at school today and I didn’t get to it.  Would you like me to do it at home?”  He didn’t realize that he had done everything that he needed to do on Friday and cared enough to remember and check with me about it!  We are proud of Cooper for his Dedication and Responsibility.

All PK students have a joyful spirit about them, but one particular boy’s spirit made my week just a little brighter.  Neil Awasthi in Mrs. Riggs’ PK class had a smile on his face, a bounce in his step, and a ready hug for me each day I saw him last week.  His positive attitude and joyful spirit are contagious and I couldn’t help but smile a little bigger, walk a little lighter, and hug other people after my encounters with him.  Thank you, Neil!

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