In the words of second grade teacher Mary Craig Brown:

Owen Fincher and Pierce Augusti displayed compassion when they offered to help other classmates carry their book bins to the library because they had a lot to carry. Also, Lang Law displayed honor when he overheard the answer to a math stumper and admitted it to the teacher instead of writing down the answer as his own. I am very proud of my class as they work together to uphold and understand the honor code and character traits this year.

Second grade assistant Shelli Clark had the pleasure of observing second grade student Jake Wydick in Mrs. Bednarz’s class showing awesome school spirit! Mrs. Kelly stopped by the classroom to say good morning.  Jake got up and went over to Mrs. Kelly to tell her (very maturely), “ I think you are a really great head of school.  I’ve been here since Kindergarten, and I love this school!  Ravenscroft is a great school!”  Thank you, Jake for making Mrs. Kelly’s day and being proud to be part of the Ravenscroft community.

A new fifth grade student, Maria Sueiras, showed great courage this week when she led the morning accouncements for the entire Lower School.  Her teachers have also commented on how responsible and respectful she is every day at school.  Maria does extra duties without being asked and is always polite and kind to her friends.

We are proud of all these students!


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