Olivia Rivera in Mrs. Ausbon’s Kindergarten class showed her Ravenscroft spirit when I walked into her classroom on Wednesday and she proudly showed me a beautiful card she had made to celebrate Ravenscroft’s 150th birthday!  It was covered in green and gold and done in her best handwriting.  She insisted that she wanted to give it to Mrs. Kelly, and as luck would have it, I was headed to a meeting with Mrs. Kelly and was able to present her with the special gift.  Thank you, Olivia for bringing some sunshine to our Administrative meeting.

It takes a lot of courage to audition and sing completely by yourself for a recording that will be critiqued by nationally acclaimed judges! That’s exactly what fifth graders Elle Schantz and Shawna Carr did as they worked with Mrs. Bolin diligently to learn and prepare for the North Carolina Elementary Honors Choir audition. Their dedication, courage and spirit were rewarded as Elle and Shawna were chosen from over 600 students across the entire state of NC to sing in the 2012 NC Elementary Honors Choir in Winston-Salem in November. We are incredibly proud of these two girls!

Fourth grade student Adam Taylor showed compassion and respect when another student was being ignored by the other students playing football.  The student being left out wanted to play.  Adam included her and said you can be on our team.  Hooray for Adam!

I got the most wonderful email from Coach Myers this week celebrating the responsibility and leadership displayed by our 5th grade boys that I just had to share because I was so very proud of them:

I wanted to share with you something that happened in class yesterday that absolutely blew me away. 

With all the wet weather we have been having, we have had to alter many of our PE classes, and yesterday was no exception.  We combined all 4 groups of boys in the gym, originally planning on doing some fun games with them.  After some thought, I decided to try something a little different and have my group of boys partner up with the boys from Mr. Fiedler’s and Mrs. Paul’s class (who haven’t been in the volleyball unit yet) and do a little peer teaching of the skills they had learned.  Being a bit skeptical of how this would work out, I would have been happy if they would have just stayed on task and under control for the duration of the class.

 What happened in the next 30 minutes was one of the most inspiring and rewarding things I have seen as a teacher!!  The boys were randomly paired up, were told what to do, and were sent to their work areas.  For the entire class, these boys looked as if they were seasoned volleyball vets, providing accurate instruction, corrective feedback, and positive encouragement to their partners.  They remembered the teaching cues we had used through the first few days of class, knew when to implement them, and were even working through the teaching progressions without any prompting from me.  There is no way I could have been able to provide the individual instruction to a large group of boys as effectively as they did!

 I felt the obligation to share this wonderful example of what these kids are capable of when put in a situation to lead and contribute to the success of a class.  To see how they beamed with pride when we met to close class was priceless!! -Dave Myers

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