Second Grade student Connor Aschman showed wonderful sportsmanship last week during a recess football game. He moved himself to the other side to make it more even without anyone asking him. Thank you, Connor for showing compassion and respect to your classmates.

Students in grades 1-5 who participated in the Hispanic Heritage Celebration showed their dedication by working hard to learn new dances, songs, games, and information to present on posters boards to share with parents and other students from their classrooms. Way to go!  It was a wonderful event filled with lots of spirit!

Second grade student Sarah Fraizer showed her spirit Monday on the morning announcements as she joyfully shared news about the second grade’s pencil machine project.  Her voice was loud, clear, and filled with positive emotion; you could tell she was proud of her classmates’ efforts to make a difference in the lives of children and adults who are involved with the Boys and Girls Club.

Third Grade student Sunna Mai also shined on the morning announcements as she shared the compassion and hard work of the Student Council and their efforts to collect books for Project Enlightenment.  It is wonderful to see so many Lower School students caring about other people in our local community!

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