Fifth grade students Elliot Teal, Brynley Jonson, Jack Thornton, Leo Wu, Lane Russell, Katie Jean Weiler, and Nate Margraf displayed several of the Character Tree traits over the past couple of weeks. They dedicated some of their personal time reading a book recommended by several adults at Ravenscroft called Wonder. After they finished the book, they courageously signed up to discuss their thoughts and ideas during a lunch book club with Mrs. Hobbs.  Their comments demonstrated their respect and compassion for people who face challenges because of their differences, and they shared ways they could make a positive difference in the lives of other people based on the lessons they learned from the book.  We are very proud of these students and the other fifth graders who are reading the book and plan to sign up for future lunch group discussions.

I had the opportunity to observe first grade students in Mrs. DeJoy’s class sharing their published books in an Author’s Celebration. I was so impressed with Greta Kate Baker and how kind, compassionate, and respectful she was to her group members.  The group was having difficulty deciding what order they would share their books, and Greta Kate stepped up and said, “I will go last so all of you have a chance to share your books.”  It made a difference and the group was able to move past their disagreement thanks to Greta Kate. Way to go!

Mrs. Bednarz’s class made flubber in science lab last week.  At the end of class, Mr. Knox lined up the class, asked them not to play with their flubber, look at him, and listen carefully to his directions.  The only student in the class that did not fiddle with her flubber and kept her eyes on Mr. Knox the entire time was Lilja Gudmundsson.  She was being very respectful and Mrs. Bednarz was extremely proud of this young lady and the maturity she showed!

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