Inclusivity & Diversity

I believe most of the conflict and negativity in our world stems from a lack of understanding and respect for the differences that exist between people.

I have seen this first hand on my own journey, and it is one of the many reasons I find myself passionate about ensuring our children (my own two included) learn and grow in a diverse and inclusive community.

Having rich, engaging interactions with people who represent a wide range of experiences and perspectives allows us the opportunity to appreciate and value the differences that exist in our world.

When our children, at an early age, learn, play, and work with others who have different backgrounds, we provide them with the opportunity to form their own thoughts and opinions about individuals without society’s stereotypes, biases, and prejudices clouding their judgment.  We allow them a chance to have an open mind and make decisions based on a person’s character and not on their physical appearance, family structure, socioeconomic status, gender, or religious beliefs.

Imagine the implications for our society as a whole if this new generation of learners is able to break down the barriers that have been created over the last several hundreds of years …

As we prepare for our first Community Conversation where we will focus on the importance of race and ethnicity in a diverse and inclusive learning environment, I find myself wondering about your journeys and stories.

  • How have you benefited from being part of a diverse and inclusive community?
  • What experiences, events, and/or interactions have helped form your current thoughts and opinions about race and ethnicity?
  • When, where, and how did you first learn about race and ethnicity and what do you hope is different or the same for your own children?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, opinions and questions as we continue to have important conversations about ensuring our children learn and grown in an ideal learning community.
What are your stories?
What do you want your children’s stories to be?

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