Our Character Tree traits are something that all members of the community commit to when they join Ravenscroft.  With that said, I thought I would use this post to highlight parents that are living these traits daily and modeling them for our children.  As the adults in the community, we must always remember, “the students are watching” and learning from us.

Suzanne Ramakrishnan (mother of Montana and Kaia) showed her compassion for others when she organized and facilitated a successful Operation Gratitude. Mrs. Ramakrishnan put her personal time and energy into this project that was able to collect 700 pounds of candy to send over to our troops.  Dr. Steve Pretzer (father of James and Ryan) partnered with Ravenscroft on Operation Gratitude, and his dental office took on the responsibility of ensuring the candy was safely sent overseas.

As the Book Fair comes to an end this week, we are grateful to Marian Adams (mother of Anderson) and Katie Gillespie (mother of Logan and Bennett) for their dedication and spirit during the past couple of months as they planned this wonderful week where we were able to celebrate the joy of reading.

To all the parents who attended our first Community Conversation, we applaud your courage and willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue about the impact race and ethnicity have on a student’s experience here at Ravenscroft.  I personally enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the importance of having a diverse and inclusive learning environment for our children here at Ravenscroft.  We appreciated the respect you showed for the different perspectives and experiences shared.

I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to all the parents who are honoring their children’s hard-working teachers by volunteering their time and talent.  Thank you for:

  • serving as Lunch Saints
  • supervising Big Centers
  • providing lunches and snacks for teachers
  • reading for Mystery Reader
  • working during Thursday Helping Hands sessions
  • driving and chaperoning on field trips
Thank you, parents for showing our students what it mean to be courageous, compassionate, dedicated, honorable, responsible, respectful, and spirited!


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