Jan Dickson’e pre-Kindergarten class all showed respect and spirit as they all helped to welcome a new friend into our school family. Each child warmly greeted and included Audrey Kalorin in every activity. Hugs and smiles were shared by all. Welcome, Audrey!

Third grade students Ryan Pretzer and Taylor Fagan showed compassion to another student when he was struggling to learn a new skill. They encouraged him with positive statements like, “You can do it!” and “You’re doing a great job. How can I help?” They quickly saw that their classmate was getting upset and rather than focusing on their own successes, reached out to him with compassionate support. Way to go, Ryan and Taylor!

From Cynthia Lane, second grade teacher:

I would like to commend Carrington Pridgen for her continued dedication to all aspects of her life as a responsible student. Carrington always listens attentively and with respect to her classmates and teachers.  She is prepared at all times for any transition within the school day. Carrington is always waiting quietly for the next lesson or activity to begin.

I would also like to share how responsible my whole class was during this week’s important fire drill practice.  They walked with the understanding of the importance of our safety drill.  They silently walked to and stood at our designated safe spot. The class then returned to the classroom in the same responsible manner.

From Eileen Price, fourth grade teacher:

Brynnan Poole has been working very hard this quarter, and has shown responsibility as well as dedication to her work. As a result, she has raised her science grade by putting in extra effort, and has received 100% on our last reading quiz. I am very proud of her efforts. She is a wonderful role model in the classroom by paying attention, asking questions, and working hard to learn and improve every day


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