Everyday Cole Rogers demonstrates responsibility, respect and dedication. He remembers the importance of making good choices throughout the day as well as making good use of his time when completing activities. I can always count on Cole to lead by example.

Second grader Laurel Carter demonstrated compassion by assisting a new student who joined her second grade class this week.  Laurel helped Lauren Krest by showing her around the school and making sure she knew what to and where to go all day long.  She also invited her new friend to play with her at recess.  Thank you, Laurel!

The Lower School Battle of the Books team coaches have been impressed with the dedication of the fourth and fifth grade team members.  These students have spent many hours reading the seventeen books required for the competition.  They also spend one lunch period each week collaborating with their teammates during practice games and activities.  Their spirited efforts should help Ravenscroft field another strong team this year!

Third grader Audrey Lloyd was a fine role model for the character trait of respect and courage this week. She needed help during math workshop yesterday when I was observing Mrs. Baccus.  She had the courage to admit she was confused and asked me for help since Mrs. Baccus was working with a small group.  When they finished up math and were cleaning up, Audrey went up to me and said, “Thanks so much for helping me.”  It made me smile that Audrey cared enough about her work to ask for help and then to thank me.

A group of second and third grade boys were recently honored for the service their Y-Guides group, Ravens Rock, provided for our local Food Bank as part of the Students Against Hunger campaign. We are very proud of Sam Frushone, Mike Hollinghead, Malek Mustafa, Timmy Jones, Connor Kowalczyk, Logan Purdy,Bennett Gillespie and the compassion they showed for others in need.



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