Fourth grader Mason Lane wrote the most amazing poem about Soft Rain.  The words that he used showed deep compassion for the misery that The Cherokee Indians went through on the Trail of Tears.  Mason showed dedication to working hard, compassion and empathy in relating to the character, Soft Rain, and the courage to show the deeper side of himself.  Ms. Aurilio and I were so grateful for the glimpse that this showed us about Mason’s character.

First grader Nicholas Suggs was out at the coat closet one morning with two brand new headbands in hand, trying to locate Ellie League’s backpack. When queried, he said, “She broke her headband yesterday and I got these two new ones to surprise her.” Compassion in action! Way to go, Nicholas!

Second graders Skyler Riley and Lynne Reed are responsible and compassionate members of Mrs. Bednarz’s class.  They are always ready to lend a helping hand.  They offer their assistance when a class member needs extra help.  Anytime Mrs. Bednarz asks a student to organize books or pick up trash off the floor, Lynne always volunteers.  She never says, “That’s not my trash or my pencil on the floor.”  She never complains and does not hesitate to help me out.  She is a very caring child.

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